Web Applications

Enterprise systems are web applications that prioritize scalability, security and data protection. Designing and developing an enterprise systems begins with taking your challenge and creating a system that integrates and accounts for all of the interconnected aspects. We focus on creating a stable, scalable and secure system rested on a firm, secure foundation. IPTEC understands the importance of building a solution that is as reliable and guaranteed to remain.

IPTECs experience and perspective on how digital experiences effect consumer behavior and the technology that powers it drives value at all levels.

Enterprise Resource Planning

The advent of cloud hosting and VPS has changed the way businesses present themselves online through higher speeds, dedicated resources and custom tailored solutions. Our goal is to provide the right mix of services that deliver value and blazing fast speeds.

Customer Resource Management

Many businesses invest in and beocome hostage to platforms they outgrow or can’t cope with. IPTEC has the technical and practical ability to bring businesses out of old systems and into new ones without disrupting exisiting flows or processes.

Custom Web Apps

Reimagine customer journeys and transform business processes with AI. When patterns are spotted and predictions are made, it allows businesses and software to make better decisions and respond faster than competition. IPTEC transforms models and uses technology to grow sales and engage customers.

Internet of Things

Get a business edge by rethinking customer experiences and automating operations with dynamic workflows and ambient computing.





Security Testing


Usability Testing


Small & Large Scale


On & Offline use


Automated Backups


Case Study

SEAIR Transport Services, INC. is a government contracting aircraft maintenance company with around 100 staff at 3 sites across USA and a head office in California. They faced challenges consolidating data across offices, staff and clients.

SEAIR needed a unified solution that could handle multiple inputs and generate a single output for its labor hours, employee benefits and client orders, payments and project status’.

IPTEC solved this by providing a robust and secure Enterprise Resource Planning solution that was custom made to meet their needs. Since adopting the new technology, SEAIR was able to streamline its processes and make better, faster decisions resulting in customer and staff satisfaction at all levels.

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