Product Strategy

Strategy takes a variety of considerations into account including competition, pricing and target market, while also creating a roadmap of the essential functions and features. We approach this challenge systematically by integrating our team of digital strategists, designers and developers to establish a logical strategy that covers bases and yields results.


Creating an intuitive and enjoyable product is part and parcel of a successful experience. Beginning with User Interface and User Experience, we create an experience around your products objectives. From wireframes to prototypes, IPTEC brings your product to life.


IPTEC’s strategy takes a variety of key considerations into account including but not limited to: competition, pricing, target market, personas and features. We approach the challenge systematically with our team of strategists, designers, developers to create an amazing product.


By pairing design and strategy, we are able to understand and convey the essence of the story you want to tell by developing a compelling narrative that allows you to reach your audience with an impact. IPTEC messaging produces content that reaches your target market and tells your product’s story.


Our digital strategists research to discover who your consumers are, where they hang out online and what they’re searching for so we can reach them in the place they are. Our content marketing strategies are designed to help visitors find your product organically and socially.



Clear, high level vision


Product alignment


Target user identification


Differentiation from competition


Goal identification


Feedback based refinement


Case Study

Whiz Scooters, a dockless mobility service launching in Doha, Qatar needed to connect its product to consumers via a mobile application using the latest IoT technologies.

Whiz needed its service to match the needs and requirements of the local market and consulted IPTEC on the best strategy to achieve success. 

IPTEC created a product strategy that included local preferences, touch-points, payment, policy and regulation. IPTEC also built the first of its kind Geo-Fencing strategy designed to keep users safe and better comply with local regulations. Keep an eye for this groundbreaking technology coming to Qatar soon.

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