Mobile Applications

Information made convenient, mobile apps provide portable tools, information and fun in the palm of the worlds hands. At IPTEC we take complex and turn it into simplicity with leading UI | UX and apply it to projects large and small to create memorable and most of all useful experiences. From geolocation to complex operations, IPTEC will ensure that functionality and usability is top priority. With IPTEC, your brand can become something that people carry with them everywhere they go.

IPTECs experience and perspective on how digital experiences effect consumer behavior and the technology that powers it drives value at all levels.


From understanding your vision to focusing on the essence of your business, IPTEC creates a strategy around technical execution. We’ll help identify tradeoffs, prioritize features and produce valuable functionality. Our research process encompasses the full circle from design to development to lifecycle maintenance.

UI | UX Design

Research based and best practice focused, our UI | UX design is grounded in simplicity, functionality and focused on delivering what your users need most. IPTEC works with your business to identify and focus on what makes your product unique and designs accordingly.


IPTEC’s design-led development process ensures your app architecture and experience starts and remains on the right foundation. From building server based APIs to integrations and proprietary logic, your app is built to last and compete in a highly evolving market .

Agile Release

Mobile operating systems and developer environments are constantly changing and in order to keep your mobile application in tip-top shape, frequent agile release cycles are required ensuring everyone enjoys a seamless and continuously available experience.



Increased brand recognition


Increased customer engagement


Market differentiation


Improved visibility


Customer loyalty


Increased sales


Case Study

In anticipation of FIFA 2022 Qatar, IPTEC decided to build a Qatar dedicated Instant Signage Translation app to help the international visitors navigate the city in their native language.

Aligned with TASMU, a digitization initiative led by Ministry of Transportation and Communication, this app demonstrates the local capabilities of IPTEC and our intended contribution to the modernization of Qatar. 

IPTEC built this app using Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Android Studio technologies to bring together a seamless, functional and dynamic experience. The first of its kind, QAA Translate is able to detect text in any language and output in Gulf Arabic dialect.

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