The Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT connects everyday hardware, software and data to bring new value and purpose to ethe tools and processes we engage in on a daily basis. Experts predict that there will be 30 billion connected devices by 2020 valued at over $7b. With an understanding of design, development, hardware and technology that brings these to life, IPTEC is able to deliver connectivity to anything you can imagine by way of the right programming languages, APIs and protocol to handle any issue where IoT is the solution.

IPTECs is prepared for the growth of IoT and the challenges that come with it by blending our technical expertise and design capabilities to connect the lives of people to digital experiences unlike anything before.


The value of IoT products needs to be understood and easy to use by consumers while being seamlessly adapted to their lives to make an impact and deliver value. Our designers research and develop the best UI / UX to deliver results while keeping focus on functionality.


Get a business edge by rethinking customer experiences and automating operations with dynamic workflows and ambient computing.


With a deep understanding of the programming that makes these devices run, we are able to deliver the right solution that meets your connectivity objectives. From C++ to JavaScript to Python, we can create solutions, connect APIs that bring solutions to life.


Using the right hardware is paramount to objectives and functionality as that is where devices acquire, process and communicate data to the cloud. Our expertise in Product Strategy will ensure scalability to achieve results in the short and long term. From Raspberry Pi to Intel Edison, we know how to get your system in tact.



Communication (M2M)


Automation & Control


Home Automation


Environmental Monitoring


Transportation Monitoring


Energy Management


Case Study

Whiz Scooters, a dockless mobility service launching in Doha, Qatar needed to connect its product to consumers via a mobile application using the latest IoT technologies.

Whiz needed its service to provide a seamless and enjoyable user experience rooted in the mobile application that would locate, unlock and track users as they use the platform  and contacted IPTEC to bring this to life. 

IPTEC created a solution using 3G technology, embedded software and microprocessors that facilitated the process. Still in testing, this project is slated to launch late summer 2019. Keep an eye for this groundbreaking technology coming to Qatar soon.

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