Digital Transformation

Your customers require a quick and seamless digital experience. To meet their demands, you need to know your current and future customers, empower the technologies and people who run them and connect with new partners. By combining these factors you will be able to develop completely new business models and enhance your existing ones. More than technology, digital transformation provides companies the ability to adapt to their customers needs.

IPTECs experience and perspective on how digital experiences effect consumer behavior and the technology that powers it drives value at all levels.


The advent of cloud hosting and VPS has changed the way businesses present themselves online through higher speeds, dedicated resources and custom tailored solutions. Our goal is to provide the right mix of services that deliver value and blazing fast speeds.


Many businesses invest in and beocome hostage to platforms they outgrow or can’t cope with. IPTEC has the technical and practical ability to bring businesses out of old systems and into new ones without disrupting exisiting flows or processes.


Reimagine customer journeys and transform business processes with AI. When patterns are spotted and predictions are made, it allows businesses and software to make better decisions and respond faster than competition. IPTEC transforms models and uses technology to grow sales and engage customers.

Internet of Things

Get a business edge by rethinking customer experiences and automating operations with dynamic workflows and ambient computing.



Increased conversion rates


Increased conversion rates


Increased conversion rates


API Connections


Faster Website Speeds


Differentiation from competition


Case Study

Cycling Studio GritCycle is big and growing, so is their web traffic. Previously they were¬†experiencing website crashes, which meant loss in revenues as people couldn’t buy what they wanted when they wanted.

GritCycle needed a fast site that could handle thousands of visitors at once and consulted with IPTEC to address the issue.

IPTEC solved this by transforming hosting from a physical server to a robust and secure VPS Cloud Server. By migrating their website to a VPS using industry best practice, GritCycle was able to benefit from blazing fast speed and optimization with virtually 0 downtime. 

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