API Security and what you should know
This post will be part 1 of 3 for our ultimate guide to API security. In this post we will be discussing concerns regarding digital assets.
APIs are a strategic and fundamental requirement for many businesses today. However the fear of unjust exposure of information that APIs may expose causes concern for IT decision makers.
When integrating an API, there are many steps and processes taken from sandbox to launch, one of the most important being Security. Constantly evolving, threats in web security make APIs vulnerable, however steps can be taken to ensure the ongoing saftey and security of your application.
Every day new threats and vulnerabilities are created. Often, developers find themselves racing against the clock to patch these issues. In the early days, API security consisted of a basic authorization (like username and password) which would be forwarded to the software running it however this created an enormous security risk.
Today, Open Authorization (OAUTH) is the most commonly used API security measure for authorization which does not allow API client to access the users information, instead it relays the user to a page on the destination server where they can enter their login info then relays an access token for that user to the API.
API security best practices are well defined for all APIs both simple and complex. Developers have the responsibility to ensure that their API keeps users data secure, meaning they must create a layer between their information and the client. Furthermore, private information should not be requested or shared through a public API as that information also is vulnerable in the event of a breach.
Learn more about API Security in our 3 part series publishing this month!

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